Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Lifetime Mission to Serve

Name: Cindy Amaya
From: Collegedale , TN
Grade: College Sophomore
School: Southern Adventist University
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The smell of diesel and the wind blowing on my face; sitting in the back
of a pick up truck as it drove on those rocky streets. How I yearned
to back to the place where I find my roots. A very small place known
as El Salvador. I had not been here for eleven years and this time I
was not just visiting, but I was volunteering.

It was last year in the summer of 2015 that I embarked on my very first
missionary trip to El Salvador. It was two weeks that I spent there
and in that little time learned so much and had a different
perspective then when I had last visited. Everyone was so giving and
the love that they shared with others was admirable. The people we
visited had close to nothing, and yet volunteered to give more. My
group visited homes built out of exotic materials without decent
shelter. We sat down with families and listened to some of their life
experiences as well as shared the Word of the gospel. Sitting there
watching children, who were barefoot and dirty, running around
playing with one another. “Most of these kids do not know what a
zoo is, or to go out and get ice cream at the mall with their
families,” I thought to myself. Their joyous giggles put a smile on
my face and warmth in my heart as I watched them.

I am a licensed cosmetologist and was honored to bring my hair cutting
tools with me to cut hair for free. That is what one does when they
volunteer. Volunteering is not free but it is free for the people who
are being served. As people serve in various places around the world,
they can learn a lot, not only about themselves but also about how
one person can make a difference in another person
life. One does not have to travel to learn what impact they can do on
their community. I learned that if you want to go and feel the need
to go, then just go. No special call is needed to serve others.

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