Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Little Boy Named David

Name: Sophia Oyewole
From: Elk Grove , California
Grade: Sophomore
School: Franklin High School
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In a place called Elk Grove located in
California, I tutored a preschooler named David. I chose to tutor
David at first because I needed community service hours, but I began
it enjoy seeing him love school and being excited to learn. I spent
from October 2014 to July 2015 tutoring David every Saturday for 5
hours, during June I went everyday. Working with David I was required
to help him with his comprehension and writing. My biggest challenge
tutoring David is watching him cry when the material was getting
hard. I remember him learning to write one through ten and he would
just cry and cry because he couldn’t get it. Currently, David can
write past a hundred without thinking about the next number. The most
satisfying moment was when David read his first book all by himself,
I was so proud of him. From my volunteer position, I learned that I
enjoy the feeling I get when I realized I helped someone learn
something. Someday I would like to be in pediatrics and tutoring
David made me confirm that I love to help little children. Forward
looking to me means it benefits the future, and this activity is
forward looking to me because it made me realize I am capable of
helping others who need help, no matter how big or small. I seek to
foster available help for struggling children and adults who do not
have someone to help them at home. If I were to come back in ten
years I think I would have made a difference to David. When I first
met David he had a hard time focusing on this work and would cry when
the curriculum was getting to hard for him; his teacher suggesting he
would repeat his grade. But now, David can read books, write to one
hundred and he is learning first grade math to get ahead. I believe I
helped get David on the right path at a young age and he will carry
his new found determination with him as he jets older. I know I
helped one person throughout my journey, but he cant start a lake
without a few drops.

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