Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Little Close to Home

Name: Bailey Jean Zimmerman
From: Cedar Park, TX
Grade: Senior
School: Cedar Park High School
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A Little Close to Home

This winter, I invited my mother to volunteer with me at the Capital
Area Food Bank of Texas. I signed us up for two three-hour shifts to
work. When we got there, I felt nervous but excited. They lead a
group of about forty people back to the warehouse where we would be
working that day. First thing I noted: it was cold. That’s when
they announced our project for that day would be inspecting and
packaging frozen goods. My mother and I were assigned the task of
labeling the boxes full of food, putting lids on them, and sending
the crates on their way to the trucks. I was astonished at how much
really good food was donated. I was a part of something great. When
we finished, they gave us the numbers. That shift we had packaged
5,600 pounds of food for people in need. On the next shift, we had
packaged 5, 400 pounds. One dollar donated could create six meals for
children and mothers and fathers going hungry. My sister was one of
those people. She can barely pay her bills. Much less feed her
growing daughter and herself. There are thousands of other families
just like hers that I helped that day. I knew that I made a
difference, and I plan on doing it again and again. Families for
years to come will have food because of me and those who volunteer
alongside me. I feel proud to be a part of something that changes the

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