Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Little Hoopsters

Name: Spencer Wong
From: Laguna Beach , California
Grade: 12
School: Laguna Beach High School
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What do you get when you combine long baggy shorts, white Nike headbands,
the squeaks of brand new shoes, and the sound of a basketballs
pounding against the ground? The Purple Ponies first grade basketball
team. Trust me; I did not come up with the name. For the past three
years, I have volunteered as a coach for a five year old basketball
team for two months in the summer. Having participated in this
program as a child, I felt that I wanted to give back and coach for
this program that triggered my love of playing basketball. While
coaching the Purple Ponies, I learned how to be more patient,
tolerant, and outgoing with others. As a coach, I had to be mindful
that some players are naturally gifted and some have to work hard in
order to improve. I realized that I needed to be patient with certain
players when they were having problems understanding how to execute
certain drills. I also had to tolerate some of the players’
behaviors and when applicable, had to lay down the law when
necessary. One of the most important things a coach needs to be able
to do is communicate effectively. I improved my ability to converse
with others by talking to the players’ parents and discussing their
child’s improvement or what that child needs to practice on. One of
the reasons why I keep volunteering to coach year after year is
because of the joy it brings me to see the players on my team improve
throughout the season. It is also rewarding to the players
maintaining strong Christian values on and off the court. They set
examples for their peers by showing integrity, respect, and
humbleness towards my coaches, referees, and opponents. Patience,
tolerance, and social skills are all needed in order to be
successful. Having a servant’s heart is a gift, and I am grateful
for the opportunities to share it with others.

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