Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – What The Little Things Can Do

Name: Natalie Simpson
From: Escondido, California
Grade: 12
School: San Pasqual High School
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The The Little Things Can Do

Often times the roles of Girl Scouts are widely misrepresented. Some people
believe that the entirety of their time is spent by guilt-tripping
those in front of grocery stores to buy their delicious cookies, or
on embarking on kooky camping trips. What everyone fails to recognize
is the hard work, dedication and commitment that partakes behind the
çade. After being an active member of the organization from kindergarten
until twelfth grade, I firmly believe that the experiences and
accomplishments I
ve attained in my community have been instrumental to the development of
the person I am today.

One specific achievement that particularly resonates with me was the
completion of my Silver Award Project; something that few girls
accomplish. I first spent hours completing an interactive leadership
program that exposed me to a variety of environmental/social issues
that existed in my community. Having previously made blankets during
a holiday fundraiser for a homeless shelter, I decided that this
project was going to help out a different population in need. As the
daughter of a pediatric nurse working in the hematology-oncology
department at Children
s Hospital in San Diego, I had built a strong understanding for the
importance of caring and nurturing children. After as result of
numerous hospital visits, I gained first-hand exposure to the
hardships faced by the patients at her facility; particularly those
who were required to stay in the hospital for weeks or even months at
a time. This connection between my mother and the unceasing issues
surrounding underprivileged youth with medical illnesses sparked my
desire to go a step further for these children. After hours of
careful planning, I chose to lead a group of three others and bring
my idea into action.

Given my expertise in blanket making for the homeless, I chose to put my
already learned skills into use. After allocating funds from several
fundraising events, I was able to raise enough money to purchase
materials for the production of over 500 fleece blankets. To get
members of my immediate community involved in the production process,
I held numerous workshops in which I instructed members of other Girl
Scout troops and children around my community on how to make the
blankets. After a great turnout, we then personally wrapped each one
of the blankets and wrote a special note to go with them. We then
proceeded by visiting the hospital and distributing each individual
blanket to each patient room by room. Observing the joy and
gratefulness on each of their faces instilled a sense of validation
and fulfillment in me that made the strife of the 50 hours of time
spent fundraising and organizing immediately dissipate.

Although the entirety of my time as a Girl Scout has been rewarding, the
completion of this project truly evoked a new sense of confidence and
leadership in me that I will take with me to further my compassion to
contribute to the medical field and initiate the change I want to see
in the world.

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