Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Living What I Believe

Name: Ethan Smith
From: Fresno, California
Grade: Senior
School: University High School
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“Living What I Believe”

My church is the inspiration of the majority of the volunteer work I do. I truly love
going on mission trips to Mexico with my church because I can help
those that truly appreciate it. The need for help is so drastic in
places other than the United States, because many, outside of the
protection of the US, are on their own regarding health and food. I
have gone on 4 mission trips, each seven days, which means around 670
hours of time there and about 420 hours of true serving and work. I
also lead youth services and play on the worship team at my church on
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays which I estimate to have totaled
around 1800 hours since Freshman year. I led a volleyball club as a
student volunteer coach every Thursday for games, Sunday and two days
of the week for practices for an estimated total of 800 hours. In
Mexico, I was part of the soccer team to play with kids, Vacation
Bible School to teach kids, and construction for building various
things such as houses and orphanages. At church I lead games, taught
lessons, and performed with the worship team. At volleyball, I led
practices and taught as coach for the games, as well as participating
in the games. The biggest challenge has always been conflicting
opinions, whether as part of a team, discussing best method, or even
criticism for volunteering simply to gain attention. Sometimes the
only thing in the way of volunteering is my own pride, but the
humility of servitude is something that I cherish because it balances
me out. I love being able to help those that need it the most, rather
than want it, because they truly appreciate the differences made. I
have been given a lot in my life, and the first thing I want to do is
to give back to the community and share both my possessions as well
as my knowledge. I have learned through volunteering, that there are
many different ways of accomplishing a task and that the service is
more important than the task. I have especially learned that it is
easy to think that the result will be blessing others, when in
reality those who I serve bless me. I have decided that in whatever
career I take, I want to continue serving on the mission field in
foreign countries. As of now, I would like to be a Physical Therapist
as well as a Registered Nurse so that I can tend to physical as well
as medical needs in communities that cannot afford it. All of my
activities have shaped this desire and shifted my “forward looking”
goal of being more than concerned about myself in the present. I hope
provide to others basic needs, and especially love through my
actions. I believe that I have impacted many lives through love and
serving, but that the true impact was within myself.

By Ethan Smith

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