Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Looking into the past

Name: Cheyenne Coffman
From: Clarksburg, WV
Grade: 12th
School: Robert C. Byrd High School
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The area I have chosen to volunteer is with Energy Express. Energy
Express is an AmeriCorps summer reading program designed to help
children maintain or advance their reading levels during the summer
months. The program is open to children in grades 1 – 5, and is held
five days a week for six weeks during June and July. There is no
charge for this program, and two family-style meals are served each
day. As a volunteer, I would be assigned to a few classrooms to start
daily activities. The events other than reading would include team
and individual sports, group games, arts, crafts, drama and music.
Weekly special events would include carnivals, shows, tournaments
(usually 4-square), contests, special instructions, etc.

The biggest challenge I had during the summer while volunteering was the
temperature and how unfriendly the children could be. From my
volunteering positions, I learned to put up with how obnoxious kids
can get. Even though some kids may have been rude, it makes me
exultant knowing that I have given them attention and have taught the
something whether it had been how to draw or advance their reading

Looking forward’ means to look into the future. In the future, I hope for
AmeriCorps continues this program for my future children,
grandchildren and their kids. I know this program works because when
I attended, I had difficulty reading and making friends. The reason
this is such a great program is because you get a one on one session
with a volunteer or staff member. I hope that my volunteer work has
helped improved the reading ability for those who I have worked with.
For them to do better in school is what I strived for!

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