Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – For the Love of Animals

Name: Jessica Newman
From: Columbia, SC
Grade: College Freshman
School: University of South Carolina - Columbia
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In my family, the love of animals has always been very prevalent so
when it came to volunteering working with animals was the obvious
choice. While living at home, most interaction with animals was a
volunteer experience. We fostered numerous dogs, cats, pigs, horses,
and even mules. Their care was often a high priority since many of
these animals came out of difficult situations and needed to be
rehabilitated both physically and mentally. While providing for their
basic physical needs, one of the most critical responsibilities that
I faced was simply showing love and affection towards these battered
animals. Often, this would have been the first time they had ever
seen any type of care and it confuses them at first but then they
grow to show just as much love back. That is perhaps the most
rewarding experience; when you see an animal go from being cowering
and terrified to bright and bubbly. The greatest challenge then is
letting them go into another family where they can continue to be

I plan on pursuing a career in business and from there into corporate
law so I cannot imagine that I could be spending too much of my
career time working with animals but the volunteer spirit is
definitely something I can bring with me into the job field. I hope
that I can instill the love of volunteering into my peers and perhaps
future family just as my parents did for me.

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