Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Make a better world

Name: David S. Rincon
From: Palmdale, California
Grade: 11
School: Palmdale High School
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The Antelope Valley is a great place but it can be better. At times there
are people on the streets; the hot and cold streets, asking for money
or for a nice meal to eat. There are families as well that can not
feed their kids and clothe them due to financial issues. A class in
my school has organized themselves into groups to help out these
people in our community in order to make it better.

Me and two other guys went out and helped a family in need. The family
consisted of a mom, a dad and two young sons, a kindergartener and a
third grader. The mom and dad financially can not afford to buy any
supplies for their home, and the only food the kids get is at their
school. But the kids at times do not go to school due to dirty
clothes, which means no food for them, and no education. With the
help of the organization iLead Antelope Valley, member Ms. DeFrancis,
my confirmation teacher, and my group went out on April 17 at 3:00
p.m and helped out this family in need. We brought the family many
clothes, and food, and other supplies like new backpacks for the two
kids, soap, and laundry detergent to help out the family. The family
was filled with joy when they saw us bringing them bags full of
supplies. The kids as well as the mom and dad had smiles on their
faces, their dad and mom thanked us greatly. In return, we became
satisfied with the impact of our good deed, and understood the
importance and necessity to help others. This is what my group did to
help out our community
bringing back the positive atmosphere of the past and ensuring the
prosperity of the future.
other families in this community need help, like this family needed.
Thus, we asked our friends and parents to help us by spreading the
word of positive actions like this so new organizations like my
teacher’s will spring up to help out this community and make it
better. By so doing, the organizations will inspire many other people
to help others in need and improve the community, the world.

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