Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Make a Difference

Name: Nicholas Sumner
From: Gig Harbor, Washington
Grade: Highschool Senior
School: Gig Harbor High School
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Nick Sumner

Make a Difference

Scholarship Essay


There is nothing quite as captivating as witnessing joy being created in a
life that has none. I was blessed with the opportunity to help create
these moments of joy in the lives of children living in poverty in
Nassau, Bahamas. I spent the summer of my junior year (2014-2015
school year) in Nassau visiting youth hostels and foster care
centers. What I had to offer was friendship, gifts, and laughter.
Being an extremely introverted individual, I was not the first to
jump on board this opportunity. But after learning about some of the
living situations and life experiences some of these children have
had, I realized if I didn’t do something, who would. My church
gathered together a team of individuals excited about this
opportunity and traveled across globe to put a smile on childrens
faces. With us we brought sports equipment, clothes, and toys. In
return, they gave us an irreversible understanding of how fortunate I
am to live the life I do. This is something that I will carry with me
my entire life, and I am excited for many more opportunities in the
future to help others.

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