Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Making a Better Tomorrow

Name: Jacob D. Harris
From: Winnsboro, Texas
Grade: 11
School: Winnsboro High School
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Jacob Harris

Youth Forward


a Better Tomorrow

I am a people person, and enjoy helping people and making new friends.
That is why I chose Rehabilitation as my field of volunteer work.
This project consumed a lot of time my sophomore year. I am a junior
in high school now, and the Morgan’s Mercy Mansion Rehab. Center is
actually in my field of duty as an Interact officer.

As a sophomore, I was introduced to the Morgan’s Mercy Mansion repair
project. I had committed to going there about twice a week to help
them rip down old walls and create more rooms for their growing
number of patients. My responsibilities last year and continuing this
year are to check in occasionally and see how the Rehab. Center has
grown and is growing. One of the biggest challenges for me committing
to this project was my schedule. I am an involved student, and love
to participate in most of our school’s extracurricular activities.
With all these events on my plate, I suppose it was tough learning
how to work around my own schedule. However, so much satisfaction
came from this project. To begin, I made lifetime friends by
committing to this project. I have made one friend who is my age
because he wanted to help his dad work on the project. Also, I have
made friends with many of the patients in the Morgan’s Mercy
Mansion program. The most humbling experience though was when all
these people I had never met came up to thank me for helping because
this foundation helped these people stay accountable to the Lord’s
plan for them. All I could do was shed a few tears and praise God for
all the mysterious ways He works throughout our lives.

From the beginning of this project, I thought it was just going to be
another event I helped with and got hours for community service, but
I didn’t know that I would gain so much from this project. I
learned so much that it is hard to remember everything this has
taught me, but here are a few of them. First, I learned how to
listen. I am a very talkative person, and sometimes it is hard to get
me quiet once I start talking. For this project, a few of the
program’s attendees shared their stories with me, and I learned
that the spotlight isn’t always on me. Secondly, I learned how to
officially discuss my program. As officer for this project, I had to
talk with the head of the Interact Club as to what we have
accomplished in the field and why we should continue to support them.
Finally, I learned that I need to keep my friends accountable so they
don’t have to go through a rehabilitation program.

Overall, this project has impacted me in ways which I cannot express my
gratitude. They have really opened my eyes, and I know that in the
future I wish to continue to impact people’s lives the way this
program impacted me.

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