Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Making a Change for Our Elders

Name: Christian Verdugo- Black
From: Gallup, New Mexico
Grade: Senior
School: Middle College High School
Votes: 0

I did volunteer work for the local senior center and it was the best
thing I could have ever done. I helped out at least once a week but I
would always want to go back and help more. I love this place so much
everyone there is like a big family and they are so nice and friendly
and I love spending my free time helping them. I would help them cook
and clean and visit with the seniors. My biggest challenge being a
volunteer was trying to find time so that I can go over there for
longer periods of time and I loved every bit of time spent there. The
part that made me keep going back was seeing all the older people
smile from ear to ear when I walked in the door. Seeing that made me
feel good to be there and it made it feel like I was home. I learned
from this experience that our elders make us who we are today and
without them we would not be here so it is nice to help them and show
our appreciation for what they have done. This is something I want to
continue to do because they love having people to talk to and just
show that you are there for them. Most of the people I met had no one
there for them so with me talking to them it showed them I was there
and I cared about them; I became the person that was going be there
for them and show them people do still care about them and that I
will fight for them.

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