Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – making a difference

Name: natasha biggerstaff
From: oxnard, California
Grade: college sophmore
School: oxnard college
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My name is Natasha Biggerstaff and currently reside in Oxnard, California;
which is also my chosen area of volunteer. I like to keep things
close to home. I volunteer approximately 60 hours in a 9 month period
at Hathaway Elementary. The 9 month period is one school year. I
voluntarily started volunteering at Hathaway Elementary by organizing
lunch time sport tournaments. The sports include soccer, dodgeball,
basketball, and an upcoming kickball tournament. I do mostly
everything on my own starting with signing the children up during
their recess time, organizing teams, and organizing the schedule of
play. My biggest challenge was being selfless; taking time out of my
day to do something for free. I know volunteering is supposed to warm
the heart but there were days where I would have rather stayed home
and worked on a research paper or other homework I may have had. What
gave me the most satisfaction was the smile on all of the kids’
faces. When they would see me setting up the fields for soccer, or
taping up the team lists on the basketball courts; their faces would
light up with gratitude and they would just say thank you. Children
are the purest form of human beings, so I knew they meant it when
they said it. The most valuable lesson I learned is sometimes
volunteer work can be much more rewarding than a bi-weekly paycheck.

I see my activities as forward looking because out of the 200 or more kids
that participate in the tournaments, I believe at least one of them
will return the favor to the next group of elementary kids. My
definition of forward looking is doing something that will positively
affect someone or somethings future. My hope is that if I came back
in ten, twenty, or even thirty years my tournaments would have made a
difference in those kids’ lives inside and outside of school.
Whether it be by them discovering their love for basketball through
my tournaments or them discovering that they want to volunteer in
their community as well. I hope my volunteer activities show others
that it takes a simple activity like soccer to help shape a child’s

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