Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Making a difference in Haiti

Name: Brooke Cole
From: Columbus, Ohio
Grade: Senior
School: Bishop Hartley High School
Votes: 0

In the summer before my junior year of high school I took a volunteer
trip to the country of Haiti. I traveled with a group of fifteen to
the city of Pierre Payen where we stayed in an orphanage, Destiny
Village, for a week. Upon arrival our team jumped right into serving
the orphanage by cleaning up utility shacks, building a basketball
court, and spending quality time there by playing and developing new
friendships with the children. On days were we not serving the
orphanage we went into the vocal villages and handed out clothing and
water bags to those without access to town. On another day we helped
another volunteer group stationed in Haiti serve hot dogs and pop to
over two hundred local people. My biggest challenge during this week
was witnessing the amount of poverty that the country contained.
Seeing this difference in living from what I am used to opened my
eyes to what service is about and how there is more need it the world
now than ever. Our team accomplished an abundance of service in only
seven days that will have lasting effects on both our team and the
people we served there. The most satisfaction I believe I get out of
service is the impact I see I have made. In Haiti I was able to see
so many people receive a meal for the week, and that was a truly life
changing opportunity to have. From this volunteering I have learned
more about places in need and I can enlighten others about the need
for volunteering. I believe that change can occur when awareness is
made about those in need. Once this awareness is made, then more
volunteering will happen and hope will be rooted in the hearts of
those in need. Next year in college I am planning to pursue a career
within the medical field, and because of this I believe I can use my
skills to help others in need. I believe if I were to comeback to
this country in thirty years I would see some change in the people I
have made friendships with, and the places my team had affected.

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