Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Most Meaningful Community Service Ever

Name: Kaitlyn Wuerth
From: Hemet, Ca
Grade: 12th
School: Hemet High School
Votes: 0

Youth Forward

I have been involved in a very wide variety of community projects throughout my
highschool career. Since I am in ASB I am required to do 10 hours of
community service every semester, and am involved in many school
service activities. I plan to go to San Diego State University and
get my bachelors degree in nursing after high school to become a
pediatric nurse. I plan to continue being involved in my community no
matter where my community is because I feel serving your community is
a very important practice that teaches us to give back and to take
care of the places and people around us. That is one of the main
reasons why I ran for and have been the Commissioner of Community
Service for the last three years in ASB.

I have served my community in a multitude of forms throughout the years. I have helped
serve homeless people food at the Salvation Army, worked at the
disability awareness club yard sale, tutored students at McSweeny
Elementary, and served lunch at the Hemet Alumni Lunch for graduates
from my high school. I have painted faces and at the Hemet Wrestling
BBQ and made and sold popcorn at a wrestling tournament to help raise
funds for the team, worked extra shifts at the Lifestream blood
drives we hold every year, served food on Thanksgiving at The
Assembly of God church, worked at a suicide awareness walk, worked
the finish line at the Idyllwild 5K and 10K fitness run/walk, and
sorted cans at the Community Pantry. Since I am the Commissioner of
Community Service, I have been in charge of several different service
events, like canned food drives, clothing drives, and blood drives.
The most meaningful and fulfilling service project I have done is
volunteering at Camp Ronald McDonald for a week over the summer. We
took kids with disabilities on horseback rides and played
teambuilding games with them. When we got back they would help us
un-tack the horses and brush them down. I was given the opportunity
to meet two amazing kids every day for a week and to hear all about
their lives and the hardships they have been through in their lives
and to gain a new perspective on life and all the gifts I have been
blessed with.

I plan on continuing to volunteer there every summer for as long as I
can. That is not the only community service I plan on continuing
after high school. I have always believed that serving your community
is very important and something that everybody should want to do. You
have to give back and take care of your home, to your community, and
you just might learn some valuable lessons along the way.

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