Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – In Memory Of…..

Name: Kayla Renee Frick
From: Sidney, Ohio
Grade: Senior
School: Sidney High School (will attend IPFW this Fall)
Votes: 23

Volunteers are motivated people who become leaders, remain outstanding members
of their community, develop skills, raise awareness and fulfill
goals, and have fun all while performing a task for a good cause. I
average approximately 10 hours per week involved in one or more types
of volunteer programs. As I will be attending IPFW this Fall I have
already scoured clubs that are involved in volunteering. My major
will be in Computer Sciences and perhaps I will be able to
incorporate my studies into my volunteer passions. In my 19 years,
I have volunteered for SADD, Special Olympics, Hospice and Shriners,
Save the Drive-In Fundraiser, Domestic Violence Charity Run,
Afterschool Reading and Tutoring Program, and lastly the Alzheimer’s
Association, in which I am on the Logistics and Volunteer Recruit
Committee. Alzheimer’s is my number one focus as it has directly
hit home in my family.

In Memory Of…… are such devastating words. The loss experienced in
my case is not one, but two.
aunt Barb was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of
51 years old, and passed at the age of 58. My grandmother, who if
it were not for the Dementia, may have had additional life quality,
but symptoms eventually led to her cause of death. In both cases I
witnessed the symptoms of memory lapses, confusion of where they were
or what day it was, needing of assistance with eating, dressing and
hygiene care,
unable to speak more than a half dozen words,
ability to smile, swallow,

having trouble controlling their bowels or bladder, not recognizing
family and friends,
as their bodies shut down..

Over the years my responsibilities with the Alzheimer’s Association have
included raising awareness, showing respect to patients and
caregivers, and conducting myself as a positive role model in the
community. I was the junior leader for the past two years of our
local walk and was also the “In Memory Of” representative.
However, I have been involed with Alzheimer’s Fundraisers for as
long as I can remember. On the Logistics and Recruit Committee I was
involved in the planning of the route for our local awareness route
as well as recruiting volunteers to assist the day of the walk. I
also enlisted the help of fellow students for making signs, posters,
and cheering the walkers and runners along the route.

One my biggest challenges was urging people to get involved. Educating
people about the effects of this disease definitely helped in the
participation that I recruited. I witnessed how many people in our
community that have been affected by this disease in some way. This
in turn gave me great satisfaction in knowing that there are people
out there who care, people who want to get involved, and people who
want and need to find a cure. It is my hope that in the near future
my involvement played a part in helping to raise funds and hopefully
find a cure for this disease

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