Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Miles of Love

Name: Michael Wentworth
From: Mobile, Alabama
Grade: 10
School: McGill-Toolen Catholic High School
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of Love

Improving my own community- that is where I find fulfillment. Leading youth
groups at the Panama City Middle School Youth Retreat has returned to
me tenfold by building my communication skills and self confidence.
Serving in the kitchen at vacation bible school helped me to touch
even the littlest lives in my community. Altar serving and cooking
monthly breakfast for our church members at Christ the King Church
has allowed me to reach out to members of my own parish.

The first time I pushed wheelchair bound children for the Ainsley’s
Angels Foundation in a coastal 5K race, not only did it challenge me
physically- but also helped me to run in these children’s footsteps
and know what it is like to be bound to a chair and unable to run
freely with others. This has given me a new appreciation and respect
for life and shown me just how fragile it really is.

My daily commute through a downtown city to school each day was the
inspiration for my service project “Blankets of Warmth”. Having
collected over one hundred blankets already, I have been able to
distribute them in two counties to help keep homeless individuals
warm during this winter season. I discovered that the average
homeless person walks up to 30 miles a day to find basic needs, and
this led me to start “Miles of Love”: a sock drive for the
homeless in a 2 county area. Partnering with three other students, we
were able to collect over 200 pairs of socks to distribute in our
area. Having fresh socks after a long day of walking helps restore a
small bit of dignity to people who have little access to clean

I plan to attend Auburn University’s School of Architecture. My doors
will be open to volunteer opportunities in both Auburn’s
underprivileged rural and more modern urban settings. My educational
and career goals take me beyond my own aspirations and back to my
middle and high schools to introduce design concepts to students
through volunteer work and to create internship opportunities for

It only takes acting upon what is in my heart to make a difference in my community. Each little act
of kindness has been returned to me ten-fold. It is the people whose
lives I have touched that have been my inspiration.

25:40 states: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the
least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

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