Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Ministry Volunteering: Influencing Young Lives

Name: Francisco Miguel Torres
From: Longwood, Florida
Grade: 12
School: Lyman High School
Votes: 33

Youth Forward
Scholarship Francisco Miguel Torres

Due: May 1, 2016

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My experience with community service has led me to truly believe that
life fulfillment begins when you begin helping others. The method of
helping does not matter. What matters is investing in someone else’s
life so that person may continue down the path to fulfillment,
causing a domino effect that will make the world a better place.

I lead in my community through my church, sports, and other activities, but what
has gratified me most is mentoring middle school children through the
Bible. I lead by teaching middle school children about various
stories of the bible and connecting with middle schoolers to help
them with any need that they might encounter as they move from
teenagers to young men. This teaching, in my opinion, can lead them
to making better choices. I have been able to lead middle school
children to God and see the change in maturity and understanding from
a lost sixth grader to a spiritual young adult. Through the mentoring
I have received from my coach and other church leaders, I have come
to see that my volunteer work has given these young people the
capacity to perceive when someone is investing in them. In this
student-mentor relationship, knowledge travels both ways. As I have
mentored my mentees, they have taught me what it actually means to me
to volunteer my time. I have learned that mentoring means to give my
time to help someone else succeed. One of the young people I have
mentored came into the church as a lost child, always out of focus
and emotionally out of control. Today, this young man is respectful
to everyone he meets and connects with others through kindness.

Going on various volunteer retreats has allowed me to see the impact I am making. I
have witnessed young people confess their salvation and declare their
commitment to Christ. At one of our baptisms, mentees were given the
option to be baptized. Fifteen middle schoolers signed up; close to
45 kids and adults were baptized in total that evening. These 30
people were moved by the Holy Spirit and felt their lives would be
starting anew, even if they didn’t understand fully the commitment
to God they were making. Baptism was the beginning of the rest of
their lives with God. My volunteering experience has opened my eyes
to the concrete change I am making in my community. What I have
learned from my three years of volunteering at my church is: If I am
persistent and invest my time correctly, positive change can be made.

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