Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A Moment of my Time for Nature

Name: Tyus D. Williams
From: Alpharetta, Georgia
Grade: Junior
School: University of Georgia
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1, 2016

A Moment of my Time for Nature

Time is one of the most valuable things in this world. We use it to keep
everything on track as we whisk along to and fro in our busy
lifestyles every day. An individual cannot pay for time, slow it
down, or bargain for more as we adhere to its laws. However, we can
give our time to others as we help and assist in matters for the
betterment of mankind. A beautiful contribution that many individuals
do not think twice about initiating in life.

During the summer of 2015 I volunteered with the Chattahoochee Nature Center
due to my passion of animals and wildlife conservation. I thought
that I could gain some valuable experiences there and satisfy some of
my hunger for knowledge about the animal kingdom. My project
consisted of me working on implementing audio tour guide systems for
some of their trails so that guests and visually impaired can
experience a more interactive method while walking along the trails.
I spent about 10-12 hours through the week working on the script
writing, editing, and recording the content accurately. In order to
make sure that everything was done correctly I had to walk along the
trails I was using for my audio tour and calculate the distance from
each aviary so that the visually impaired could have a correct pace
of direction. Moreover, with me being the first person to ever
implement audio tour guides I had to find the right online program to
upload the material that I created. Fortunately for me I found one
for free so I hit the jackpot!

The project that I worked on was very exciting to me and I enjoyed being
able to work on something that was very interesting to me. However,
one of the things that was really challenging to me was adapting the
scripts that I wrote so that it was appropriate for those that are
visually impaired. Even though it was hard I got it done and it was a
great feeling being appreciated by the staff for the effort in my
work. You never know what you can be good at until you try something
and that is something I learned with my project. In the long term
sense for forward looking I hope that my tour guides can allow
someone to appreciate the beauty of nature and respect it because as
a major in wildlife biology I hope people can learn that conservation
is self-preservation. I find the aspect of “forward looking”
pertains to something that of prediction or a foreshadowing method.
When it comes to what I find I can accomplish I think that the
material I created can open someone’s eyes a little more or ignite
a spark of passion for nature inside them down the road for years to
come. I would be very proud to know I touched another person’s
spirit because of something that I purposefully wrote for them.

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