Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Money Does Not Buy Happiness

Name: Crystal Bailey
From: Seattle, Washington
Grade: High school senior
School: Health Sciences and Human Services High School
Votes: 62

Growing up in a generation where we’re obsessed with the fact of “being rich”
and being from a low income family influenced me to reflect upon
myself and figure that “money doesn’t buy happiness”. Working
since I’ve been 16 but volunteering since I was 15 has allowed me
to see different views around the topic. I’ve volunteered within
groups like my high school Key Club, Northwest Outward Bound School,
and Global Glimpse. All these organizations I hold dear to my heart
but one experience I value the most was my summer of 2015 trip to
Granada, Nicaragua with Global Glimpse. We volunteered our time to
build benches, soccer goal posts, and teach english to local
Nicaraguans. Other high school juniors and I spent 18 precious days
immersing ourselves in this beautiful country. We were responsible
for providing happiness and comfort to those around us by the help we
were giving. Being high school students who wanted to help this third
world country was not easy. Our biggest challenge was money. Building
and painting takes money and money was not something that grew on
Nicaraguan trees so sitting down with the rest of the group and
figuring out how these people would benefit most was the most
difficult part. We wanted to give them world. The most satisfaction
from this volunteering opportunity was not reactions but relief and
relationships. These kids would not have to eat breakfast on the
floor anymore and they were comfortable with Global Glimpse coming
and providing our care. Traveling outside of the country for my first
time to a third world country has not only taught me that money
doesn’t buy happiness but that we take many things for granted. I’ve
changed my whole lifestyle to make sure others are happy and to teach
them that you don’t need to have money to be content. This had led
me to my desired future career of a American Sign Language
Interpreter because it allows me to provide all of my skills and
abilities to help one another. If my fellow Global Glimpsers and I
decided to go back to Nicaragua, I believe that the next delegations
would build off past ideas of planting beautiful flowers along the
barbed wire of a rural elementary school and colorful benches to see
that we can only go up from there.

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