Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Motivation

Name: Andres Bethancourt
From: Manassas, Virginia
Votes: 1


Having the advantage of speaking English and Spanish has greatly assisted in
my life endeavors. The ability to be fluent in more than one language
has given me the ability to give aid to those in need. I was given
the opportunity to support a set of teens who required my help
through a tutoring program at my high school. My bilingual skills
have allowed me to properly assist these students who have had little
to no English speaking experience. I made sure that they were able to
interrogate and become comfortable with American Society, allowing
them to become their own person in their current environment.

The type of students that come in to this program are from Central
American Countries with the majority of the students receiving basic
education due to the extreme poverty and limited opportunities. Upper
level education that is standard in the US requires payment in those
countries and the parents of those students are not able to afford
this type of education. That’s why many of these students come to
the United States, for a better lifestyle and education.

Helping these students has made me realize the value of education. Giving
assistance to these students in need gave me great pleasure as I knew
the skills I was helping them develop would impact them for the rest
of their life. Through the course of the year there were many
challenges brought upon those students as the teacher spoke minimal
Spanish and had to use hand gestures to communicate information, but
even then it was difficult for them to understand the information
that was being relayed to them. With my assistance, these students
were gradually starting to understand English and the various courses
that were being taught to them.

From this wonderful experience I have not only become a better person in
terms of communication and social skills, but I’ve also become a
leader, because I am a person that other students can rely on for
help whether it be school or non-school related. Since the first day
I walked into that tutoring class I knew that my life was going to
change in terms of becoming a better person. When I see a person in
need, I will never let them down. I will make sure they rise up to
become a successful person. Giving help is a great quality that I’ve
gained from this class, and ever since I took that class it has
changed my life in such a terrific way.

This experience has given me more confidence and higher aspirations to
attend a four year institution. I have learned from these students
many immense qualities and such great character. They have taught me
a very important message that I believe other students should lend an
ear to. They not only gave me a boost towards college, but they have
shown me what the true meaning of hard work is.

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