Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Moving It Forward


Creating the

Ever since I was young, my family has believed in the power of giving back. When I was
young I was being raised by a single mother who was working two jobs
to try and support her three children and finances. The big hearts of
those in our community helped us survive, and inspired me to try and
give back. I have volunteered at local churches for years, and also
at local food banks. When I was in middle school, I was given the
opportunity to tutor a boy who was younger than me for about 4 hours
a week and I found that I learned almost as much from him, as he did
from me. I learned about the other ways that people learned and that
there is so much that is different between every single human being.
The ways that we create connections and try and understand each other
is what really makes us a community. After that year, I started to
become busy with high school and I started lacking in my
contribution. When I started for my International Baccalaureate
Diploma, I had to start volunteering again, so I began with the place
familiar to me; my school. I started to join clubs to volunteer and I
started to remember how fulfilling it was to give back.

I had quilted for awhile and decided to try and make the thing that I enjoyed into
something that I could do to make my community better. I create
quilts and donate them to local churches and women’s shelters. I
love it. The fact that I do something that I do makes someone who
might not have anything, something beautiful and with the practical
use of being warm. There is nothing better than creating something
that makes someone else’s life better.

The things that I have learned volunteering are that anything that you do has an impact
on someone else. Sometimes all you need is to have a smile and that
is a work of progress. You don’t need to do something flashy or
donate a lot of money to make a difference. I want to look forward
and help be a positive change in my community. I know how fortunate I
am and how much I have benefitted from volunteering. The ways that we
create new chances through our actions makes it all worth it.

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