Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – National Honor Society Gives Back

Name: Kassidy Cross
From: Owings, MD
Grade: 12
School: Northern High School
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Kassidy Cross

During my junior year of high school, I was selected by honorable teachers
in my school to be apart of our schools National Honor Society. Over
the past two years, I have continued to give back to my community. I
have helped the homeless people in my county by providing them with a
place to stay for a week at local churches and dinner. I have helped
with local Special Olympics Basketball games, participated and leaded
in multiple food drives to help end hunger in our community. These
are some of the activities I have participated in that have impacted
my community. I am proud to have been able to be given this grand
opportunity, getting to help people of all ages and races know that
the youth of their community are here to help them. Not only have I
surpassed the minimum amount of community service hours needed to
graduate, I continually participate even this close to graduation.
Leadership has been a big part of these activities which I believe
will help me in my college experience.

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