Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A New Look at Life

Name: Ganady Summitt
From: Denton, Texas
Grade: 12th
School: Denton High School
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A New Look at Life

As someone who has given back to their community for over three hundred
hours, I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. I worked at
soup kitchen one of the summer after my freshmen year of high school.
Honestly, At first I really didn’t care much, all I wanted to do was
hang out with my friends. However, all this began to change once I
heard some of the stories of the homeless people shared with me. And
these stories made me feel like ABSOLUTELY awful! Because here are
people who struggle against an ongoing war over proper shelter, food,
clothing, and the constant rejection from the society. And yet here
I am complaining about how I don’t get enough time with my friends!
Because of these stories, my life took a turn for the better. These
people helped put my priorities, my life into check.

I continued to work at the soup kitchen for the rest of summer, doing
my best to make a difference in my community. And as the summer went
on, I soon began to connect and be more comfortable with the people.
I would always engage in their conversations, trying to connect with
them. I also worked with some awesome people! The grounds manager,
Rick was absolutely funny, caring, thoughtful, and open minded. He
was also in charge of splitting up in fight or conflicts that might
occur. And oddly enough, he was the only person that could split up a
fight under five seconds! I also worked with the head cook, Lizzie.
She made some of the best pasta salad I have ever had. Although this
shouldn’t come as a surprise to me because, she is a professional
cook. As the jist of the story, I absolutely loved these people. Not
only where they patient, thoughtful, and kind, but they also
sacrificed their own time to help serve others. They sacrificed their
time to be with family and friends, so that the less fortunate people
could have a warm meal to everyday. And that, in my opinion, is the
ultimate life lesson.

Now most of these people that
came here were usually homeless, didn’t have jobs, and/or relied on
the soup kitchen for their main source of food. However, not all
people that came were homeless or jobless. Some were businessmen or
women, who simply wanted a hot, free meal. Which is COMPLETELY fine,
because our mission is to serve all, no matter what. And as the
summer drew to a close, I began to develop a bit of a whole in my
heart for these people. Because once school began again, I would not
be able to come back. However, I knew that then and now that I have
learned important and valuable life lessons. Lessons that I would use
for the rest of my life. And lastly, you can learn a lesson or two
from anyone. No matter race, gender, or even social status. Just try
and imagine to walk their shows and see what life is really like.

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