Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A New Perspective

Name: Elaine Lu
From: Hacienda Heights, CA
Grade: 12th
School: Glen A. Wilson
Votes: 0

I’ve known the organization KIWIN’S since Freshman year, but I never

really wanted to be involved in what they did. Never did I imagine
participating in their community service projects. The club started
when the Kiwanis District Governor, Sid Smith, wanted to include his
daughters in community service organizations. However, during that
time there was only Key Club where it was an all male club. So that
is when Sid Smith started a club called the Keyettes and the name was
changed to “Keywanattes” in the mid 70s. Soon they became known
as KIWIN’S when the House of Delegates convened at the 1995
California-Nevada-Hawaii Convention. KIWIN’S means “people, men
and women, working together in service” in the Otchipew language.
Then in 2001 they were adopted into the Key Club international as the
32nd District of Key Club International. They are key clubbers in a
way, but they are unique in which they share boundaries with the CNH
(California-Nevada-Hawaii) and have different cultures. Today, it is
their 40th year of service. Their goals are similar to that of Key
Club which is to promote leadership development, to play an active
role in society, to build strong relationships with their leaders and
other people around them, to perform unselfish tasks, and many more.
Their main core is character building, leadership, service, and
family. Their accomplishments include being able to be a club where
all genders are allowed to be in. They also raised a lot of money for
different organizations such as UNICEF and participated in the March
of Dimes. There are a total of 7 divisions in KIWIN’S and our
school happens to be the Goldstone division. Each division has their
own LTG (Lieutenant Governor) and the Goldstone division’s LTG
happens to be one of our classmates, Sophia Uemura. There is also a
district treasurer and district secretary. They all play a vital role
in maintaining the club and setting up events. I’m not really in
the club, but I did do community service with them at the Del Haven
community center. I helped them decorate a Haunted house they were
making. I also helped them clean up after they were done with the
Haunted house by combining trash cans into the dumpster, recycling,
moving heavy things, and putting away items into a truck. The
community service involved a lot of cleaning up and trash picking. I
swept the floors moved chairs back to their original places. I also
moved many other heavy things such as tires, big boards, and boxes
full of toys. I don’t really have any future plans with this
organization because I don’t really enjoy the club itself. In my
opinion, some of the club members don’t really care and they seem
to only have joined for college applications and popularity. You can
say that I don’t really enjoy many of them people in there because
their actions don’t match with what they say. However, there are
many members in there that I know are willing to sacrifice their time
for community service. Overall, from what I have observed I see many
of the members just standing around and collecting their community
service hours without actually doing anything. Some of them were
unwilling to pick up trash because it was too “dirty” and stood
there chatting away for hours. I think the organization’s cause it
good, but they are too lenient to the members that don’t really do
much. It saddened me to see some of the higher ranking members chat
away their hours and refuse to pick up trash. However, this
experience was great because I was able to feel accomplished by
helping out the Del Haven community center. I was able to help them
clean up and get things ready for their next event. This community
service event really helped them out. I felt useful and happy that I
was able to assist them. The club’s spirit was really great and
many people were really into their little cheer. KIWIN’S members
are very spirited and they are really big on the whole leadership
building aspect. All in all the community service project is always a
nice things to do because helping the community is always a plus.

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