Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The next level of voulunteering and dedication

Name: Jebriel Rogong
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Hello, my name is Jebriel
Rogong I am currently enrolled in Narbonne High School and an
incoming freshman to Sacramento State University. I am also a board
member of the Harbor City Neighborhood Council.

Before becoming interested in politics I’ve always love helping people
around me. The smile and the warmth I received after being
appreciated gives me the drive to want to be in public services where
I can serve my community in the best way possible. It was a natural
instinct for me, the compassion I have for others allowed me to be
passionate for my society.

I am in a government committee in homelessness where we strategize on
how to help homeless family, veterans, drug user, and mentally ill
individuals on getting them out of their situation and reduce
homelessness in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. After 4 months of
work effort we were able to place families and individuals to housing
with local churches and organizations such as LA housing, Harbor
Interfaith, Community Child …etc. We were successfully reducing
homelessness in our area but our mission is not finish and we will
continue to work on bringing more families to their feet.

Student Relations Committee is an ad hoc government committee I started as a
Harbor City Neighborhood Council Board Member. The committee’s
mission is the enable students to gather and discuss the career path
opportunity which help students in our community with their future
career choices and guidance.

Personally, I am a regular blood donor and I volunteer in food banks at the boys
and girls club, I believe in community work and the will power to
change a person’s life by doing the little things.

I served my community and I will dedicate my life into the service. As
of now, I am in depth financial issues and I understand this
scholarship can relieve me from such situation. I will return this
opportunity and I hope you can make a long term investment in me to
make our society better.

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