Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – No Such Thing as a Small Act

Name: Breann Losiewicz
From: Lorain, Ohio
Grade: High School Senior
School: Elyria Catholic High School
Votes: 27


24, 2016

Forward Scholarship Essay

No Such Thing as a Small Act

Volunteerism, without argument, changes at least one person’s life every time
someone gives back to their community. This effect could be on those
being serviced, or even the volunteer themself. My volunteer
experience changed my life forever. In 2015, I decided to go on a
mission trip to Columbia, Mississippi, to aid in the cleanup of the
city destroyed by a tornado. I decided to go on this trip because the
most I had ever done to help the community was help out at a food
pantry. We spent our entire week of spring break helping to remove
debris, replacing gravestones at a cemetery, and cut down trees from
multiple locations in the area. Coming from Northeast Ohio, the
weather was much different. We went from 40-degree highs in Ohio to
90-degree lows in Mississippi. This presented many problems, because,
not being used to a summer’s heat, and due to the fact that the
tornado removed all the trees, the temperature was almost unbearable.
However, after many water breaks, we persevered, because we knew the
happiness we were bringing the people of Columbia was worth much more
than us complaining of being tired. The most satisfaction was found
when we were told that the citizens of Columbia were crying tears of
joy because no one had helped them for months. Personally, I felt
amazing. An act so simple as picking up bottles could bring such
extensive happiness to the people. This taught me that there is no
small act. Every action I make impacts someone else, and even the
smallest acts of kindness can affect someone else in ways

Seeing all the catastrophe made me think of something… If there are so
many destroyed homes, how did anybody survive this natural disaster?
I then thought that the injuries they must have sustained must have
been horrific. This experience inspired me more than anything to
pursue a career as an emergency room doctor. After seeing first hand
what these people went through, I realized that reconstruction isn’t
the only way to give back. My venture to Columbia made me see what
forward looking really is, taking experiences and learning from them,
so that you may use the lessons you were taught to better, not only
your own future, but other’s future’s as well.

One volunteer can inspire another person, a stranger even, to come out
and fight for a cause. Even in Columbia other random citizens started
to aid my group because they saw our example. In the future, I would
hope that everyone could be as generous as those citizens. I would
hope the chain reaction of inspiration would keep continuing forever.
And, I think that this inspiration would change the world for the
better. If we all learned to just help each other out, there would be
a lot less negativity in the world, and maybe, if we could all help
instead of fight, the world could one day reach peace.

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