Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – No more

Name: Stephanie Reyna
From: Hot Springs, AR
Grade: Senior
School: Cutter Morning Star High School
Votes: 0


For the past two years, I have been involved in an organization called “The Jackson House.” This
is a local place in Hot Springs, Arkansas and people volunteer to
help prepare lunches to give out to the hungry. It takes place every
weekend, and I usually go up there Saturday mornings to help give out
the lunches around twelve. When you go to the Jackson House, it is
just random kids helping/volunteering their time to give back. You
have a different task every single time you go. For the first few
times, I helped prepared soup bowls, lunch bags, and wash dishes.
There so many things to do their, the last time I went up there, I
had to help organize the upstairs and prepare baby care bags, which
included things such as diapers. The involvement within these
activities has helped shape my desire to help others and to overcome
My community has helped shaped my beliefs and values
and made me realize the importance in giving back.

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