Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – (Not) My Time

Name: Derek Gordon Myers
From: Bismarck , ND
Grade: College Sophomore
School: University Of Mary
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My Time

Volunteer: a person who does work without getting paid to do it. This is the
definition of volunteer according to Merriam-Webster dictionary and
there have been many times in my life where I have done exactly what
this definition above says.

One of my most memorable volunteering experiences was this past fall at
the University of Mary on our ‘Day of Service,’ a day where there
are no classes and students are encouraged to go out and volunteer. I
was a group leader for some of my peers and we went to an old site,
which had been flooded and cleaned up sand bags. To make it more
enjoyable and get everyone more engaged, we brought speakers and
listened to music.

Another, example of my volunteering is when a group of teammates and I helped
at an event at the hospital this past semester. The hospital in town
was attempting to raise money for a renovation in the Pediatrics
unit, and needed people to help serve water and pick up glasses. It
was a great experience getting to volunteer with my teammates and
also help on a night, which was going to later benefit so many
children and families.

The most rewarding volunteering
experiences I participated in was at a
event. I was paired with a young individual whom was confined to a
wheelchair and could not communicate. I helped him by setting up the
ball ramp, setting the ball on the ramp, and guiding his hand to push
the ball down the lane. Even though he could not communicate with me
in words, I could see in his eyes and they way he grabbed my hand
every time I came back, that he was enjoying himself and that he was
having fun. To directly impact another person’s life is one of, if
not the most rewarding and powerful tasks a person can do.

These are examples of me doing work without getting paid just as
Merriam-Webster explains what volunteering is. But I think
volunteering is more than that. People are always willing to do work,
even if they won’t get paid. People are less likely to give up
their time when they can be doing something else. I believe
volunteering is sacrificing one’s own time for the betterment of
others; we do not own time, we are all placed on this Earth to not
live for ourselves, but to live and give our time to others.
Volunteering has been one the most enjoyable things I have ever done
and I look forward to doing more of it.

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