Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Its Not Volunteer Work If You Love It

Name: Natalie Dauterman
From: Newburgh, Indiana
Grade: High School Senior
School: Castle High School
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Not Volunteer Work If You Love It

Life is busy and goes by quickly. It is often so easy to get lost in the
midst of schedules and constant commitments. I find that even though
life can get crazy and free time is often hard to come by, a great
way to relieve some stress and take time to land back on earth is to
volunteer. I started volunteering the summer between my freshman and
sophomore year at a local hospital in the Infusion Center. There is a
program that the hospital runs that sends information and
applications to the schools around the area. Already interested in
science and medicine I decided to volunteer. Through volunteering
once a week for four hours I found my passion and love for medicine
and the health fields. I was responsible for cleaning up after a
patient leaves the room and getting them drinks and food while they
were in their room. The infusion center is mainly chemo treatments so
the patients there were usually not feeling so hot. It was by seeing
these patients that I decided I wanted to commit my life to patient
advocacy and help give back to the community by helping heal others.

My second endeavor with volunteer work was through my church. The summer
between my sophomore and junior year I volunteered to be a vacation
bible school leader. Because I am a part of a competitive show choir
I was assigned to teaching the children the songs and dances. I
really valued this time spent with the children and other church
members because I felt like I could contribute something I am good at
and enjoy to the children. Sadly VBS only lasted a week but the three
hours I spent at the church meant a lot to me.

I volunteered at my high school at the beginning of this year to be a
senior mentor to the incoming freshman. I felt like this was a great
opportunity for me because I remember coming into high school and
being scared and I found that it was a great chance to help the
freshman since I knew how they were feeling. It was an awesome
experience and it allowed a lot of the seniors to reconnect after
getting distant throughout high school. Overall the freshman were
great to work with and I was glad I applied to be a senior mentor.

Throughout all of my volunteer work I found that I genuinely enjoy volunteering
and that I like to contribute to others. I do not particularly agree
with the term volunteer work because while I am volunteering it does
not feel like work because I am passionate about what I am doing and
the people I am helping. I enjoy making other people’s lives easier
and that is where my inspiration to become a physical therapist
stemmed from. I plan on working with soldiers when I become a
physical therapist because I want to serve those who serve for our
country. I want to put all of my time and energy into pursuing my
goals and career and that is why I am going to the University of
Kentucky this fall; so that I can help better the lives of others.

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