Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – NYPD Explores Program

Name: Lorenzo Williams
From: Brooklyn, New York
Grade: Freshman
School: Kingsborough Community College
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Brooklyn, New York


Kingsborough Community College

When I on my way to high school I had thoughts that came to my mind. I
didn’t know from what groups to go into. It happens to almost the
end of the school years and was about to be summer vacation. There
was this type of group that I happen to see that was call the NYPD
Explores program. It was interesting group that I thought about. So I
went to the police station to talk to a fellow officer. The officer
that I was talking to had brought out another police officer to come
and talk to me. I had met with this officer by the name of Officer
Richard. I went in Officer Richard office. She gave my couple of
information that I had to fill out. I bring it home my mother and I
had fill out. By the next day I had return the application. I was in
the explores program for like four months going on five months. My
responsibilities as an explores junior police officer was to protect
the community, report any illegal activities that goes on about in
the community and also help others that might need any additional
help in the community. Some of the challenges that came through my
mind was, “what was other going to think about me?” The
satisfaction that I received in this community service program was
that I was able to help out others from different borough and also
gain a lot of trust. What I’ve learned in my position as an explore
was a lot of things but the most important one was everyone knowing
their “Miranda Right’s” which is, “You have the rights to
remain silent anything you say; will and be use against you in the
court law. You have the rights for an attorney, if you can’t afford
one, one will be proved for you. Do you understand these right that
been read to you?” With my interest with th NYPD Explores it made
me to think about going to school and work my way to become a law
enforcement office. As I look forward my future as right now I attend
Kingsborough Community College for Criminal Justice and planning on
going to John jay college and after go to be in the “Cadet”
program and work my way to be an police officer. In my community I
see a lot of violence which I don’t need to be a part of. If I had
to think about ten year or evening thirty years I think, I would be a
part the volunteer program I was in would make a difference in my
community so that other could do the same and be out the jail and
prison system. Just the way I did, begin in the explore not only made
trust other people but made me be loyal to other and obey law that I
didn’t know that was out there.

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