Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Each One Shall Reach One

Name: Faith Nichelle Lewis
From: West Covina, Ca
Grade: 12th
School: Edgewood HighSchool
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My name is Faith Nichelle
Lewis and I am a triplet, born on June 17, 1998 at Queen of the
Valley Hospital. I am a senior who attends Edgewood High School in
West Covina. In the upcoming Fall of 2016, I plan to attend Mount
San Antonio Community College for 2 years and then transfer to
Alabama State University to major in Sports Physical Therapy. In my
spare time while attending Edgewood High School, I love to volunteer
my time at Citrus Valley Health Partners Hospital, Queen of the
Valley Hospital to gain the experience of which the Physical Therapy
Department provides. I have been volunteering at Queen of the Valley
Hospital for 2 years, working three days a week with over 200 hours
of volunteer time. I have worked at the Front Desk as an Information
Desk Clerk and the Physical Therapy Department.

I was also nominated by
Channel 7 News in their segment as a “Cool Kid” being aired on
national television. This allowed me to express my passion for
volunteering at the hospital which has been the most amazing
opportunity that I have experienced. Volunteering at this hospital
has made me into a role model within the community that I have always
dreamt of being. With the support of my family, I was able to
accomplish my goal of making a difference within my community. The
challenges that I overcame was to become what I am today and that is
to sacrifice my entire summer and evenings after school at the
hospital. For students my age, many would rather hangout and go to
the beach, but for me, I felt the need to make a difference at the
hospital that actually delivered me when I was born. Putting people
first is what makes me a better person today because it gives me the
initiative to make others fall into the same pathway that I have
crossed and that is helping out the community.

I became motivated to
volunteer because of my love and passion for working with people. I
enjoy making people smile and feel great knowing that I had a part in
doing so. Volunteering at the hospital also provides me with the
knowledge of working in the real world to experience hands on. I
strive to lead by example to encourage young students today to
continue building our community by joining forces as future leaders.

My motto is “Each One
Shall Reach One” through saving our community. My mother
always reminds me that “You can be whatever you want to be, as long
as you put forth all of the effort.” This saying motivates me not
only to become a college graduate, but it gives me the courage to
fight to the finish line. Receiving the Youth Forward Scholarship
will allow me to aim for that purpose to achieve a higher goal in
life to pursue my career goal as a Sports Physical Therapist. I
believe in taken the initiative to help assist those in need and
share something very special and that is love through giving.

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