Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – One Step At a Time

Name: Serenity Grothen
From: Provo, UT
Grade: 11
School: Discovery Academy
Votes: 0

Volunteering has played an extensive role in my success. It has
allowed me to reach out into my community in ways I could not
imagine, and has offered insight into the lives of others I may not
have gained otherwise. I have discovered the difficulties and rewards
of genuine relationships through maintaining leadership roles. I have
learned how to treat other people well, and how to benefit from
interactions with many different people. From leading a simple
volunteer project to being President of a club, I have built the
confidence and success of my peers and school through many hours of
long work and dedication. I have bettered my community through
engaging service hours, where I have learned invaluable lessons of
hard work and perseverance.

Seeing the small changes one can make through just a few hours of
work is incredibly gratifying. Whether it’s cleaning up a beach or
park, or making blankets for residents of a rest home and spending a
few hours with their wise words, I have found that the simplest
actions can go a long way. That is why I am dedicated to making a
change anywhere I go, by spreading kindness, perseverance, and
strength. I want to support and appreciate my peers and colleagues
in all my future education and employment goals. I want to learn
everything that I can, and I want to impart any knowledge of my own,
though it may be small, to those who may need it.

I know now that throughout the rest of my life I will continue to
strive towards benefiting my community and self through service work
and positive leadership. I love to help others, and helping them
realize their dreams and goals as I have realized mine makes every
single moment of hard work worth it. I want to continue to volunteer,
and intend on becoming a Peace Corps. Volunteer. I see a world in
distress, and I will do everything in my power to take the lessons I
have learned to better any life I come across. I have been given so
much in life, and it seems only right to pay back what I have been
given through hard work and service. Ronald Reagan once said, “We
can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

These words are powerful to me. They speak of a commitment to a
better way of life, a life where other people are cherished and aided
in any time of need. This is a commitment we can all make, and I
fully expect myself to strive to be the best person I can be through
whatever enrichment possible.

I welcome any opportunity for self improvement, and look forward to a
bright and promising future for myself and my world.

and Volunteer Service

Industries Thrift Shop

  • Volunteered
    for four hours sorting and pricing clothing

Detail on Lund Highway, Utah

  • Volunteered
    for about eight hours collecting trash along the highway

City Park and Recreations Headquarters

  • Volunteered
    for six hours scraping, cleaning, and painting trash barrels and
    picnic tables

Home Volunteer Work
to 2015)

  • Discovery
    Care Center in Hamilton, Montana

    • Have
      volunteered for a total of thirteen hours preparing and serving
      snacks for residents as well as developing relationships with
      residents and staff

  • Maple
    Mountain Assisted Living in Mapleton, Utah

    • Volunteered
      three hours making blankets with residents as well as playing
      instruments and bonding with them

Summer Games

  • Volunteered
    for four hours passing out medals to contestants, announcing awards,
    organizing booths, and posting information for participants

County Animal Shelter
to 2012)

  • Volunteered
    for a total of sixty hours cleaning, walking, and playing with cats,
    dogs, and rabbits

Detail on California Beaches

  • Volunteered
    with Rotary Club for a total of four hours picking up trash on

Acre Farm
to 2015)

  • Volunteered
    for over 200 hours including pulling weeds, mixing feed, taking care
    of the animals, making compost, collecting produce, gardening and
    general cleaning. Have also participated in Red Acre Farms’ Farm
    to Fork Community Dinners twice.

Peaks Recreational Area
to 2015)

  • Volunteered
    for a total of ten hours collecting trash throughout the area

Elementary School
to 2011)

  • Volunteered
    for a total of four hours with grade students to improve reading
    skills and relationships

to 2015)

  • Created
    wooden toys for children in third world countries. Volunteered a
    total of twelve hours

to Present)

  • Volunteer
    for two hours every week feeding, cleaning, brushing, and walking


(2016 to present)

  • Superhero
    Saturday: Volunteered for over six hours running a booth, teaching
    children about bats, stones, and making comics

  • Easter
    Saturday: Volunteered for four hours distributing eggs filled with
    toys and candy to areas where children could participate in an
    Easter egg hunt as well as cleaning up

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