Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Passion is a Catalyst for Excellence

Name: Hannah Brock
From: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Grade: 11th Grade
School: Choctawhatchee HighSchool
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If my high school career has taught me anything thus far, it is that, to truly excel in any pursuit, on must be passionate about the work, so when considering possible volunteer opportunities, I knew working at my local hospital would be just as gratifying for myself as it would be beneficial for my community. When I decided to volunteer this past summer at Sacred Heart Hospital (a non-profit organization that has seen the birth of my little sister and the treatment of my alcoholic father) I knew I was donating my time to a place that was not only a pinnacle within my area, but one that held unprecedented value for myself.

Beginning my volunteerism at Sacred Heart, I was ignorant to the amount of
trust they instill in their volunteers, and I was unabatedly honored to have been allotted such responsibility. I typically volunteered two days out of the week during the summer months at the hospital, and I worked in the dietary unit. Working in the kitchen taught me
both humility, compassion, and appreciation for the workers who usually do not receive as much gratitude, yet are serve as the pillars of the hospital. I had a copious amount of responsibility in the kitchen, as it was my duty to get the correct order of food to
every patient on time for both breakfast and lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed the patient interaction I received through this job, and the stories I heard enabled me to truly appreciate the good health I am blessed with today. One instance that really changed my perspective
was when an older patient started to sob when I handed her meal, due to the fact that she was going blind. I was taken aback and as embarrassing as it may be, I honestly did not know how to react. All I knew to do was hold her hand and tell her that I would keep her in
my prayers. In that moment, I matured emotionally and the strong foundation of respect I already held for the workers of Sacred Heart grew exponentially. Yet, I struggled to keep up with the massive responsibility of delivering the food on time, and my biggest challenge initially was finding my way around the hospital, as I
often got lost on runs.

I have always been keen on pursuing a career in medicine, and my volunteer work has helped nurture this interest. Through my volunteerism, I aimed not to make waves of change, but small ripples. I feel I accomplished this by being a friendly face among-st a sea of ill patients facing challenging times. Despite the fact that I was only one bolt amongst the other pieces of machinery that make Sacred Heart the success it is today, I am proud to say that I still played my part, even if it was something as diminutive as helping the short-staffed kitchen, because caring for those in need is something that I have always been passionate about.

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