Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – My Passion for Giving

Name: Anthony Wilber Duarte
From: Northridge, California
Grade: 12
School: Northridge Academy High School
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Passion for Giving

I enjoy serving my community in any way possible. I volunteered for
years at my church doing different tasks whenever I was needed. I’m
always assisting when I can from helping teachers, to preparing halls
for events; I’m always there. I take pride in my work and I pride
myself in knowing I do all I can to assist those who can use my help.

Helping kids with their first communion class is something very important to
me, because I was once in their position. I was in class at another
church trying to study my faith, but all the church cared about was
its money. We had class once a month for a year, and they said that
was all I needed. Helping these students allows me the opportunity to
learn what I hadn’t before, on top of giving back to a church that
welcomed my family with open arms. . I help kids in understanding the
metaphors, stories, and the overall belief of Catholicism, and I
encourage them to try their best in everything they do. I can pride
myself in knowing that these kids are getting the understanding they
truly deserve. I joined the RCIC to give others the experience I wish
I had. Volunteer work wasn’t a burden, but something I truly

I was able to gain experiences that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I
was able to interact with a diverse group of people whom all shared
the same faith as I did. I was able to pass my faith to younger
children, whether they accepted it or not. I enjoy helping people,
whether it’s in learning, developing a skill, or even as simple as
lending a hand. Whether it’s by testing kids on prayers, passing
out papers, or setting up tables, every little bit of help is worth
it. I was always there twice a week, once for mass, and the other
for religion class. I never missed a day, or an opportunity to help
out when I could.

To this day I still volunteer at my church, with setting up the Alter,
teaching kids, and even setting up for events, such as dinners,
masses, and carnivals. All of this hard work hasn’t gone
unrecognized. I am seen as an active member at my church, and many of
the people who work there know who I am and the great work I do. It’s
important that we help those who may need our help, because one day
it may be us that need it.

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