Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – PAY IT FORWARD

Grade: freshman in college
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Pay It Forward

I have always been a person with a big heart and willing to help others in need.
I’ve done many volunteer work with feeding the less fortunate,
picking up trash off the beach, to assisting in my children’s
classrooms, but the most I’m passionate about is helping the
wounded veterans and their families. I chose this because my husband
is a double amputee veteran who was wounded in Iraq in 2007, and I
know how important it is to receive a helping hand.

In 2013, we received a specially adapted home from a nonprofit organization,
which was mortgage free. This home was adapted to his amputations
and allowed my husband to regain his independence and live life
within his new norm. I decided to give back to this organization
and give back to wounded veterans and their families as many people
did for ours.

I started going to similar home builds for wounded veterans and helped lay their
landscape, as well as speak to the public to bring awareness of how
the home has changed our lives on an everyday basis. Walking away
from these events and knowing that I’ve touched someone’s life by
telling my story has brought healing and balance in my life. Between
my disabled husband and my two children my biggest challenge is
finding withdrawal and taking time for myself.

I know my volunteer work has sparked an interest in others and my drive and
dedication towards supporting disabled veterans inspires others to do
as I do. I can say first hand that the difference in the work that I
do is life changing. To see a veteran go from a dark place in their
lives to a place of light, hope, and possibilities is an everlasting

When I look into the eyes of my children I’m often reminded that what I do in my
daily life sets an example in the stepping stones of theirs. What
they see when I bring them along on many of my volunteer days has
allowed them to view existence in this world to be much more of a
broader and non-self-centered view. I can honestly say that my
forward looking actions has produced a sense of compassion in others
and a role model for my children.

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