Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Paying it Forward

Name: Kelly Anderson
From: Hanover, NH
Grade: High school senior
School: Hanover High School Hanover NH
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10, 2016


Giving back to one’s community can be a very positive experience for young adults.
Whether it is a financial contribution, physical work or emotional
support of people or organizations in need, giving back lets you pay
your own good fortune forward. Throughout my highschool experience I
have relished my volunteer time and plan to continue volunteering
while in college.

At my high school, a day of service to others is offered to students. On
that day, students disperse into various areas of the community to
help local families in need. The activities range from yard work to
home renovation to building repairs. Usually students break into
groups to provide a very positive work environment.

My first day of volunteering in this program, I repaired a stone wall
for a family who needed extra hands. My group also spent 3 hours
pulling buckthorn out of an elderly man’s backyard since he
physically was unable to handle this task alone. Initially, the day
of extreme physical work intimidated me, but I left feeling proud
that I was able to give back in this way.

In addition to the physical volunteer work I have also contributed in
more of a supportive way. When I was 15 I volunteered as a teacher’s
assistant at a local preschool. I played with the three and four year
old children and taught them basic tools like counting and shapes.
The experience made me realize how much I love kids and how impactful
I could be on the next generation. Because I had such a great
experience, I volunteered at the school twice a week for three hours
after my own school day and loved every minute of it.

The hardest part of volunteering is that you develop a desire to help
everyone. Balancing the need to assist others with your own
priorities is an important skill in itself. Once you have one eye
opening experience, it’s hard not to crave 100 more.

I look forward to the volunteer experiences associated with Greek Life
a during college. Volunteering is a great way to meet people. I look
forward to getting to know my newfound community through these
programs for the next four years.

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