Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – We Are People Too

Name: Talon Hodson
From: Longmont, Colorado
Grade: 12
School: Boulder Prep High School
Votes: 0

Even though gay marriage has been
federally legalized in the United States, this does not mean
homophobia no longer exists. Homophobia is unfortunately live and
well and effecting at least three fourths of the LGBTQIA community
throughout the U.S. Yes, homophobia is worldwide, but in order to
make a change you have to start on a smaller scale. I am an openly
gay teen that lives in a homophobic household, on a daily basis I
receive muttered insults, glares, and undeserved treatment that no
human being should have to have in their life. Even though I have not
done any service for the LGBT cause, I have become passionate about
helping others in my position. I officially came out January of 2016,
and by just stating that I am a homosexual I have received different
treatment by my parents, teachers, and peers. I am glared at by
strangers for being with my boyfriend, insulted by my customers that
come into work and told “I would tip you, but I don’t tip fags.”
After that day, I decided I want bring support and love to those who
aren’t receiving it. Judgment is and will always be out there, and I
intend to make a difference.

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