Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Perfect Candidate

Name: Tyler Levin
From: West Palm Beach, FL
Grade: College Freshman
School: Palm Beach State
Votes: 0

I took it upon
myself to embark on a journey of a lifetime. I transferred to an
aspiring high school, not yet established in the academic realm. A
school size of only 150 at the time, my inaugural class was hand
selected by a board of trustees to build one of the greatest high
school institutions in the nation. In a duration of 4-years, we did
just that. Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches is where I call home.
It molted my character into something I thought I could never be.
From the ground up, it was mandatory for every individual of the
student body to design a club that best fit their personality, and
follow it through until graduation. I took it to the extreme. A long
with a friend, we put forward intramural sport teams, which later
evolved into actual competing sports. We put forth rosters consisting
of our fellow classmates, and developed a soccer team, a baseball
team, a tennis team, and even a football team. Four years later, we
were competing at a national level. We have won multiple district
titles, and three football independent state championships. I can
proudly say that I made this possible. I am currently attending a
community college, but transferring in the fall. In the midst of 6
classes, and two jobs, I still find time to indulge myself in
community service hours. I currently go on builds for habitat for
humanity, and I am a proud believer in cleaning up our environment. I
volunteer around 5 hours a week. Whether it is helping out my local
soup kitchen, or inspiring little kids to pick up a baseball bat and
be active, volunteering was meant for me. In conclusion, I have
learned a variety of key points throughout my volunteering
experience. I definitely look forward to doing more with my community
as well as the next university I attend. I have been on scholarship
searches for the past three years, but had no luck with any. I
believe that I will be the best candidate for The Youth Forward
scholarship you will ever encounter. I currently hung up my cleats to
pursue a civil engineering degree, and this scholarship money would
go a long way. Thank you for your time.

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