Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – From Player to Coach

Name: Kayla Warf
From: Adelphi, Maryland
Grade: College sophemore
School: University of maryland University College
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Player to Coach

Growing up I was always the athlete, wanting to coach in my later
years of life, maybe my children? However, I never thought I would be
thrown into it at such a high level at age twenty one. At such a
young age I was asked to be the volunteer coach for my high school
alma mater. With this position I put in sixty plus hours a week year
round. My responsibilities of being a coach were know and a hard pill
to swallow, with being as young as I was. I not only had to teach the
kids the sport but I realized that I more so taught life lessons.
Working with high school children is a challenge in itself, I had to
learn how to change a negative into a positive on a whim, sometimes
easier said than done! However, once I got the hang of this thought
process I really started to get gratification when seeing the kids
eyes light up when they understood what I was coaching them. Or when
they thank me a couple days later for being so tough on the, finally
understand why I was that way. I love seeing their true potential
come out with my assistance. This experience is quite the whirlwind
to say the least. I struggled with getting respect from the parents,
due to my age, being old enough to be their own child. I had to learn
to have a backbone and ask for help from my mentors when needed. As
much of a challenge this is for me still as a coach, I really
enjoying tackling these issues and gaining respect from the
children’s parents. This being one of my hardships, has also become
one of the best learning experiences I can experience. Dealing with
such situations makes me grow as a coach but it also teaches me how
to be a better employee, a better sister, a better daughter, a better
person all around. With that being said, I take away from this
situations and implement then into real life. As a coach I really
strive for my girls to learn that I am not just coaching them on how
to become a better play, I am coaching them to be a better person.

Looking forward to the future, I see forward looking is to make an impact of
the girls I coach. Even if it is just one player, one situation,
knowing I helped someone through something in life is enough for me.
Forward thinking to me is all about understanding what your actions
now will do for you in the future. The change I seek is to just teach
the girls to not sweat the small stuff but to work hard for
everything you desire. In twenty to thirty years, I hope my girls
whether they are coaches themselves or moms or employees can look
back and things I have taught them and showed them, passing that on
to future generations.

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