Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – A positive role model

Name: Ethan Alexander Sanford
From: Sterling, Illinois
Grade: Senior
School: Sterling High School
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A positive role model

The area that I have chosen to volunteer in is the youth basketball camps
for the high school. This program allows for children from grades
fifth through eighth to come and learn the fundamentals of basketball
while also being able to have fun and make new friends. During the
five hours per month that I serve, my biggest challenge as a
volunteer is ensuring that every child receives the same amount of
attention and help. Basketball has helped me through many tough times
in my life and I want to make sure that all of the children can learn
to benefit from the sport. The most satisfying part of volunteering
for this program is being able to have the kids look up to me as a
role model. Knowing that they are always watching me, trying to
imitate me, and wanting to be just like me makes me strive to be even
better than what I am simply so those kids will also try to be better
as well. The one thing I have learned from this volunteer position is
that a positive role model can have the greatest impact on the
younger generation. Even though I may not remember every child that
attends the camp, they will remember me and the lessons I teach them
for many years.

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