Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – The Power of Books

Name: Betiay Babacan
Grade: Senior
School: Olympia High School
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Volunteering was required by my school and it was the only reason at the beginning
why I started volunteering. So I decided to make it fun for myself
and at least enjoy my time while volunteering. I had no idea that it
could be so much fun! I met so many awesome people and got their
advises when I needed them. Volunteering became a part of me.

Books are the power of knowledge and I love to learn new things from them.
So I thought, why not volunteer at a local public library? I
volunteered every weekend 3-4 hours and I would volunteer all day if
it was possible. I spent my weekends at the library and I knew every
single book that they had. It was my responsibility to organize books
and to make sure that they were in the right place.

My communication skills weren’t perfect since English wasn’t my
first language and I had no idea how to help someone to find what
they were looking for or answer their questions. It was an obstacle
every time when I volunteer there and in my life. I knew I needed a
solution. I observed the employees who worked there and how they come
up with solutions. After a while, I was just like one of them, and I
was helping others. People were coming to the library to learn and
teach themselves something useful. They wanted to read and learn. I
was glad to be a part of their solution and help them find what they
were looking for. Now, I can communicate with anyone with comfort and
find a solution to any problem. Volunteering helped me solve my own
problems and I’m willing to pay it back with helping others in the

I got accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with half ride
and I’m going to study Astronomy and Astrophysics there this Fall.
I’m planning to apply for a job at the school library and do the
job I love the most. I want to help other students at the library to
find what they are looking for or maybe help them solve problems that
they can’t solve. I want to be there when they need a hand.

Children who were learning how to write and read were coming to the library to
find out some new books and I was suggesting them the story books we
had. They were smiling and taking the books and I could see the same
smile on their parents’ faces. I was making a difference in their
lives and their choices and it was obvious that they were happy.
Making them happy, was making me a happier person.


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