Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Promoting the Prevention of Teen Pregnancy

Name: Jaden Slovensky
From: Hiram, Ohio
Grade: College Freshman
School: Hiram College
Votes: 0

When I joined the volunteer club in ninth grade, I had no idea that I
would serve over fifty hours in community service by graduation. Out
of all the fundraisers, banquets, and clean-ups that I participated
in, the most profound experience in volunteering was the Teen
Pregnancy Prevention Month program I created.

I knew that teen pregnancy was a problem among my high school, and I
wanted to make my fellow students aware of their decisions concerning
the matter. Towards the end of April 2012, I began planning different
events for next month. I collected different statistics and facts
about teen pregnancy like the amount of dropouts per year. Displaying
these data around the school would be the most efficient method to
inform the students. Next, I formed a contest among the classes to
further promote the awareness. Each class had to decorate its door
with images and text regarding teen pregnancy prevention. I asked the
senior staff to judge the doors at the end of May and settle on a

Throughout the month of May, I observed my own peers reading the information
posted around the school and decorating their doors while keeping
pregnancy prevention on their minds. By the end of the month, I saw
an entire school work together to learn about a serious issue among
students our age. By spreading this awareness among the school, I
realized that it only takes one person to change a community.

Even if succeeding students in the volunteer club decide not to promote
teen pregnancy prevention, the work I did for the program when I was
in ninth grade will help someone else who would like to voice a
similar message. Perhaps the door decorating contest and displays of
statistics could be a part of the lower campus so the message is
conveyed earlier on in the students’ educational careers.

My biggest challenge as a volunteer was trying to get an entire
school to realize the importance of the issue I raised. Even though
most students eventually collaborated and recognized the danger of
teen pregnancy, there were always some who had to voice their opinion
that no one cares about pregnant teenagers and that I was wasting my
time. While these hurtful words could have easily forced me to stop
the entire program, I recognized the danger of pregnancy while still
in school and continued to promote.

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