Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Public Service Through The Church

Name: Alexander Ramirez
From: Santa Ana, CA
Grade: 12
School: Santa Ana Valley High School
Votes: 0

Throughout my whole life I have always been involved in the Catholic Church. I
have dedicated a huge portion my life in loyalty to my Church through
acts of music and education of the faith. I chose to involve myself
in these forms of service for the sole reason of me being able to
execute it properly and passionately. I spend a total of nine hours
per week in these forms of service. I have spent the last two years
volunteering as a confirmation teacher and the last five as a cantor
for my Church. My responsibilities are to ensure that I am dedicated
enough to be able to learn new music and perform it within a short
amount of time and educated enough to be able to teach basic
theology, dogma, and doctrine. Ironically my biggest challenge was to
actually learn how to play guitar and to understand teachings of the
Church. The overall satisfaction I have received is to know that I
have educated individuals enough to truly believe the faith with
authenticity along with an emotional impact upon the way of
performing music through my Church. Through these acts public service
I have gained the responsibility of having persistence in my acts,
whether it is within or outside of the Church. “Forward looking”
is to have a basic foundation in moral beliefs and act within those
moral beliefs to send a message, and I have been sending a message to
people through music and education. The only change I would like to
foster in the world is to at least convert one individual, If I can
convert someone and save a life through the Grace of the Holy Spirit
within the Church, then my volunteer activities were not enacted in
vain. I absolutely believe my volunteer activities would have made a
difference decades from now, that is the very essence on why I plan
to pursue my education in theological studies and music in a Catholic
university. Decades from now I hope I was able to make a difference
to dozens of lives.

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