Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Putting others first

Name: Evan Thomas Mayle
From: East Canton, OH
Grade: 12
School: East Canton High School
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Putting others first –

I currently play an active part
when it comes to community service and volunteering, mainly in my
local community. I am active in our local Rotary Interact club, Boy
Scouts, and am a member of the National Honor Society. I have been
member of Boy Scouts of America for over 10 years and am currently
awaiting my board of review so I can obtain my Eagle Scout Award.
Through these organizations I have many opportunities to help the
community, and to help people out in many ways. I have spent
approximately over 500 hours volunteering during the course of over
10 years in Boy Scouts of America, 2 years in the National Honor
Society, and 4 years in the Rotary Interact Club. Through these
organizations I have many opportunities to volunteer and to help the
community, and to help people out in many ways such as cleaning up
leaves in people’s yards who can’t do it themselves, volunteering at
the humane society, volunteering at local nursing homes, painting
fire hydrates in the neighborhood, assisting with local holiday
events for children in our community, feeding a hungry family during
the holidays, or building benches for a local gun club for my Eagle
Scout Project.

I feel that being active in
helping your community is very important because it helps out people
that really need the help, but most of all it makes you feel good as
a person. It’s always a challenge because sometimes at first some
people are reluctant to accept assistance but typically once all the
work is completed there is a good outcome. Just knowing that
something you did could have made someone’s day, or week brings a
smile to my face and mind.

Forward looking” to me
means that the actions you perform now can affect the future for
yourself and for others. If people would attempt volunteer work just
once they would realize how much more rewarding it is to do for
others rather than to do for oneself. I do believe that if I were to
come back in 10-20 years that it will have made a difference. I
believe that when other people see how rewarding volunteer work is
and if they have seen some of the differences we have made in our
community that they will want to continue to assist our community and
that the cycle will continue. You also never know the long term
effect that your acts of kindness and generosity have on others and I
hope the next generation in our community continues the efforts. In
the fall, I plan to study criminal justice with an emphasis on law
enforcement so that I can continue helping serve others in a
different capacity in my future.

Evan T. Mayle

others first

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