Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Responsibility

Name: Christian Peacock
From: Carthage, Illinois
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I strive to fulfill my personal responsibilities as a good citizen.

This I feel sums me up well. I have worked my whole life so far taking on
personal responsibility. My mother mentioned even at a young age I
had to be an old man in a child’s body. I was aged before my time
she would say. When my father would start to mow the yard I would beg
my mom to go help him with my toy mower. I would put on my plastic
googles and my mom would help me into my favorite bib overalls and
work boots. For that straight hour or so I would follow my dad up and
down the yard until we got the yard mowed.

I guess from a young age I knew how important I would be in our little
growing family. You see my older brother Micheal , who is just 5
years older than me, deals with Autism.

Micheal has been non-verbal his whole life. Micheal is 23 now and will most
likely continue to live at home with my parents as long as they can
care for him. Mike and I have been very close as long as I can
remember. Mom would take us to the playground and other kids often
stared at Mike. Some would even giggle or ask me what was wrong with
him? I usually would make up something funny or what I thought was an
interesting answer. That never bothered me that we had a different
way to communicate. I just thought we were special because no one had
the language we did.

Growing up Mike and I often attended the same schools together. I had plenty
of situations to step in and help educate other kids when they didn’t
understand why Mike would get excited and flap his hands or “EEEE”
at the top of his lungs when he was happy. I also had to defend my
brother also. With the good always came the bad. I learned early on
not all people can be nice. My mom was a huge help to me. She would
always give me her famous “Words of Wisdom” quotes. She would say
“People will sometimes act mean because they don’t understand
something”. “It’s your place to educate and advocate for your
brother when your father and I are not around.” My mom would go on
with many other words of wisdom which usually helped me at the time.
I knew growing up at a young age you treat people the way you would
want to be treated. I have lived by that as long as I can remember.

My goals in high school got harder because older kids were not as kind
to Mike as they were in elementary school. I found myself testing my
strengths. But in the end things always worked out.

Over the years even after my brother has graduated high school. I still
participate in several sporting events Mike played in. I have
assisted kids with different abilities at “Courageous Smiles”
track meet. The Annual basketball game for the special education
classrooms I have announced and awarded all the amazing players. I
have also pushed for inclusion in our school by bringing awareness to
all student’s rights. Every April my family and I educate and have
activities for the public bringing Autism awareness to our community.

My project as of right now is helping to get a fellow student in our
graduating class to win the “Prom King” award on April 16
His name also is Michael and he deals with Autism also. I am
campaigning for him I guess because he is a good guy and he deserves
to shine too.

Through all my high school experiences of my own. Class president all four
years of high school. I was 2015 homecoming king, I won the “Derek
Weatherington” award for excellence on and off the field of
football. I was one of four Captains on my football team. I have been
selected to the “Duerr Or Die” bowl. I was also happy to receive
All conference right guard my junior year of high school football.
Student of the Week, Student of the Month and Honor roll all for
years of high school.

All these accomplishments were fun I am not going to say they were not.

But I feel my biggest award is my big brother Mike. He is a true
testament to me. If I had to define my relationship with my big
brother Mike. I would have to say it like this.

I strive to fulfill my personal responsibilities as a good citizen.

Thank you for considering me.


Christian W. Peacock

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