Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Return

Name: Ethan Brown
From: Covington, WA
Grade: Senior
School: Tahoma Senior High School
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What comes around goes around so when I graduate from high school I want
to know that I did all I could to improve my community. “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community better than you found it.”-Marian Wright Edelman. My ultimate goal in life is to touch someone’s life with positivity so that they will do the same for someone else and it turns into a chain reaction.

The local wrestling team, Maple Valley Wolfpack, is where I started my
journey. At a young age all I thought about is how fun it is to try a new sport. It was about sixth grade when I realized it was my last year of eligibility for the club wrestling team. The next year, seventh grade, I could wrestle for Tahoma Middle School located in Maple Valley, WA. When my final season of wrestling for Wolfpack came to an end, and all that was left was the league tournament. Practices
increased tremendously and I continued to work hard. At the end of our Friday practice the day before the tournament, I took a moment to look around the gym to notice parents who were their supporting their kids. I was in shock to realize that was my last practice as a Wolfpack Wrestler. I always noticed, on the top of the bleachers on his DS, one of the coach’s sons who was too young to wrestle, but
is at every practice. I approached him to start conversation. His face lit up with excitement like he was waiting all day for someone to acknowledge him; he put down the video game. I ended up talking with him for at least 30 minutes after practice and in the back of my mind I wondered why I didn’t start talking to him earlier in the season. His dad has always been my favorite coach. He took me under
his wing and showed me the ropes. I realized what a big impact this is on the future. I want to be remembered as someone that has made a positive impact on a younger kid. I wanted to do more than just wrestle on a team I wanted to be a youth coach. So I did. I reached out to the head coach of the team and I brought up my idea how I
wanted to be a coach. As soon as I knew it I was a part of the coaching staff. I couldn’t be more excited for my second year of coaching wrestling to begin this year.

The best part of it all is that my former coach’s son, the one playing
the video games all alone at the top of the bleachers was now a part of my own youth team. I was in the right place. I am a part of my community. I will continue to improve it.


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