Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – It Is The Right Thing

Name: Preston Alexander Brewer
From: Holland, Michigan
Grade: College Freshman
School: Davenport University
Votes: 0

What if everyone did the right thing? This is a question often pondered by
a majority of people in the society we live in today. It is a
question that should be asked and should be seen as an opportunity
for anyone to do the right thing for whatever they may see as “wrong”
in this world. For me it is any difficult, saddening or stigmatizing
situation someone may face that is not their choice. More
specifically homelessness, cancer support, under privileged children
and grief support for those who’ve lost loved ones. Frankly, these
are different situations that I have come across in my journey
through life and I have much empathy for people in them. I may not
volunteer the most anymore due to having a busy schedule between
school and work, but I always have a goal to at least volunteer an
hour a month. During LaughFest I had the opportunity to volunteer at
a comedy showcase at the Riverfront Hotel as a greeter and donation
collector. This really was a fun position as I had to go around and
interact with all of the people at the show. It was a largely diverse
group and challenged me to be open minded and friendly to everyone
that spoke to me or needed my assistance. It really showed me that
approaching people like that really leads to a happier interaction
than to approach someone with a closed minded perspective. Something
that surprised me is the willingness many of these people had to give
and be charitable. Only some people had a “pull back” reaction
when I asked them if they had wanted to donate, buy a “high five”
button or buy a 50/50 raffle ticket. The majority of people, however,
were quite willing to give when asked. This was a morale booster as
it is always difficult to believe in the charitability of people in
our society. But my experience showed me that people are quite
willing to give to just causes and it is refreshing that people still
have that ability to give. Active Minds is an organization that seeks
to “open up the conversation on mental illness” and provide
people with knowledge on mental illness. Since mental illness was a
topic that the public wasn’t very conscious of, this organization
can help create a sensitivity in the public for those who struggle
with mental illness. I have attended many of the meetings that had
been held at Davenport University. This organization showed that many
people are finally willing to speak or learn about mental illness
which shows that many people are now having an open-mindedness for
what used to be stigmatic topics. This shows that the public
conscience is humanity centric. The meetings and volunteering have
showed that the American public is much more hopeful than I
previously thought.

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