Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – SAFSAFSAF

Name: William Zhang
From: Brooklyn, NY
Grade: 12
Votes: 0

William Zhang

Q.Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so
meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without
it. Please tell what is it and what it means to you?

Sometimes, I just wish that I can take on any risk in this world
without any form of certainty. However, I do not have the privilege
to do so. I don’t have the privilege of taking the risk to become a
successful entrepreneur, singer, athlete, or anything that makes a
person the master of one’s life. I have to take care of my
schizophrenic mom first and I have to make sure my Dad can stop
working at 65 years old .From an early age; I was scared of
everything that I wasn’t comfortable with or anything that intruded
my cushy computer life. So I don’t try out in the things I am
uncomfortable like sports for example. This makes me a introvert and
a stubborn one at that. I refuse to step out of my comfort zone.

However, if you think I am a “wuss” or “pussy”
then you are sadly mistaken. I am a straight up savage that doesn’t
give a damn about the consequences at hand because I know for certain
that I will not face them at all. The activities I participate is a
complete contrast to what I describe myself earlier. I want to live
my life on the edge. I like to day trade-securities and I take no
prisoners in the trading world. I put all my money in stocks and I
refuse to put that money in a cushy savings account. Diversification
is for “pussies.” I want to ride fast sport motorcycles and
skydive off 250k meters from the ground. I play black jack/poker and
bet all my money every time I play and I always wanted to swim the
Atlantic Ocean. It fills my life with stimulus when I do these
activities. Sometimes, I think it feels better than sex even though I
am a virgin. However, I do all these activities because these are
calculable risk taking activities. I want to study this calculable
risk and it is in a major called “statistics”. All of these
activities can be measured in numbers and odds.

I am supremely fascinated by this field of study. I do
truly believe that “statistics”can make my eyes open to the
number of risk I can take. There are mathematical formulas for poker,
trading and blackjack. Even the chance of a motorcycle accident or me
dying is all calculable in nature. I calculate the risk at hand no
matter what. I will never try narcotics; not because of the health
risk but because the chance of facing the health consequences is 100
percent. See the difference between the majority of societies reason
to my own reason for not trying drugs? If I suck at a sport and the
chances of me playing well is 5% then there is no point in me trying
to participate. I don’t like to face uncertainty because I want to
make sure uncertainty becomes certainty by mathematical formulas. I
only see one risk and that is the mathematical risk at hand. This is
why I want to become a quantitative analyst one day. These people
trade with statistical models and formula. I am so obsessed with
these quantitative traders because they face the uncertain with
certainty of math. Data scientist also does the same magic at hand
too. I just love reading graphs and diagrams because I can see the
whole picture of the risk I am taking at hand. Some people have
called me cold and ruthless because I only care about the outcome at
hand. It made me superficial and vain by nature. My knowledge in
mathematical risk taking is also very vain and superficial. I am cold
because money and numbers is all that matters to me. I am ruthless
because the outcome is all that matters to me. Being able to peer the
unknown and calculate the certainty is all that matters.

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