Youth Forward scholarship 2016 – Seeing My Future

Name: Jessica Kirschmann
From: Hollister, CA
Grade: High School Senior
School: San Benito High School
Votes: 21

I have chosen to volunteer at a Physical Therapy clinic in my town as
well as with my High School Athletic Trainer. I tend to volunteer
about two or three hours a month, but wish I had time to volunteer
two or three hours a day. For my sports medicine class, I am
required to volunteer ten hours a semester but I always do my best to
surpass that, just for the extra experience.

As a volunteer, I helped patients and athletes through their physical
therapy activities in order for them to recovery from an injury.
While with my High School’s Athletic Trainer, I helped her keep
organized while dealing with tons of athletes at once so that they
could all get back to practice in time. My biggest challenge with
this was knowing the exercise that were on the patient’s’ plan and
showing them how to properly perform them. Luckily, lots of
satisfaction came with this volunteer experience because I helped
many athletes get back to their sports and many adults get back to
their everyday lives.

I have learned a lot from both the PT clinic as well as my High
School’s Athletic Trainer. I want to be a physical therapist so I
now know what to expect a little more when going into the real world
looking for a job. Not only have I learned about the career but also
about what it takes to get there, more exercises and how the body
works, and just how much I enjoy the medical field.

I see my volunteer activities as “forward looking” because I am
volunteering at places, and with people, who are in (or close to) the
profession that I am interested in pursuing a career in. To me,
“forward looking” means to do something in order to help better
your future and to better yourself for your future. I also believe
that my volunteer activities have “made a difference” because I
am helping people get back into their normal routines. Mainly, these
volunteer experiences have impacted me more than others but in the
future, I hope to impact others’ lives while they impact mine.

Volunteering at the PT clinic has really opened my eyes as to how many injuries
actually happen every day. Patients with broken bones, surgeries,
screws, tears, and so much more have come in and I have helped them
get back full range of motion, strength, and belief in themselves.

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